How to pay tolls in italy

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how to pay tolls in italy

Autostrade per l'Italia has standardised signs indicating how payments are made . The prepaid Viacard can be used at all Italian highway toll gates, at both the. How to pay toll roads in Italy. A useful guide to help you with highway in Italy and avoid fee and troubles. Borgo Grondaie, 2 km far from city. Highway toll in Italy can pay several conventional methods. Among the tourists most commonly used include the payment in cash. In addition to the logo TELEPASS, the board says "reserved for customers" to further indicate that these gates are solely for use by holders of the Telpass device. BAC Bed and Breakfast Area Creativa. You must take a ticket when you enter the autostradaand pay when you exit. I always prefer insider tipps wetten take cash and not use cards whenever possible, grateful for your help! The main features of the Rechargeable Telepass are:


Paying the motorway toll in Italy how to pay tolls in italy


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